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Milestone Achievement Awards

Minnesota EMSRB: 14 years

  •  1st to implement State Bridge
  •  Reporting and integrations
  •  1st to submit data to NEMSIS
  •  More than 5.8 million records collectedundefined


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services/EMS: 11 years

  •  2nd State to implement State Bridge
  •  Service Defined Questions
  •  Power Tools™ and Jot Pad
  •  More than 4 million records collected


Nebraska Division of Emergency Medical Services: 11 years

  •  NISE codes
  •  Power into providers hands
  •  1st to embrace Elite
  •  More than 1 million records collected


Georgia Department of Public Health: 10 yearsundefined

  •  Combined EMS and fire at state level
  •  Data sharing / linking
  •  Coverdell Stroke Participant / Violent Death Registry
  •  More than 13.7 million records collected


New Hampshire Bureau of EMS: 10 years

  •  System progression through data analysis
  •  Layout Editor and event visibility
  •  Validation engine
  •  More than 1.6 million records collected


Wisconsin Department of Health Services: 10 years

  •  Hospital view
  •  1st to implement License Management
  •  STAR initiative
  •  More than 4.5 million records collected


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services/EMS—Integrated Registry System: 10 years

  •  Time Critical Diagnosis Systemundefined
  •  1st to embrace multi-disciplinary aspect of Patient Registry system


Minnesota Department of Health—Trauma System Management: 10 years

  •  National trauma system leader
  •  Improve data quality in system
  •  Evolution of Patient Registry Report Writer


Minnesota Department of Health—Leadership in Integrative Preparedness: 10 years

  •  1st Resource Bridge client
  •  Great influence for the product
  •  MNTrac has been used in a wide array of situations from exercises, events and disasters